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Solar panels (solar photovoltaics or Solar PV), use the sun's energy to generate green electricity.

Solar panels can be used to heat your water and power your home appliances.

Installing a solar panel electricity system can generates a profit as any unused solar energy is sold back to the grid via the Government's Solar Panel Feed In Tariff Scheme.

Solar Panels

Installing a solar panel system allows you to generate cheap green electricity for your home appliances or convert free heat from sunlight to heat your hot water.You will have to pay for the initial installation of the solar panels but you will generate a worthwhile profit over a 25 year period and benefit from reduced electricity costs and the Government's Solar Feed-in-Tariff incentive scheme.

Types of Solar Panel Energy

If you are considering installing solar panels at your home it is important to know the difference between the two types of solar panel energy technology - Solar Photovoltaics (PV) and Solar Thermal (STE).

PV Solar Panel Electricity Systems
PV solar panel systems generate cheap, green electricity by converting sunlight into direct current electricity which can be used to power your home appliances and lighting cheaply.

Solar Thermal Energy
Solar Panel Thermal Energy technology captures heat from the Sun's rays and heats the hot water in your home all year round for free. Although you will have to pay the initial outlay for installation you can make huge savings over time.

Solar Panel Feed-in-Tariff Incentives

The Government's Solar Panel Feed-In-Tariff scheme allows you to sell surplus energy that you generate with your solar powered electricity system back to the national power grid for a profit.

Although there has been a recent reduction in the solar energy Feed In Tariff there is still a worthwhile profit to be made by having a solar powered electricity system installed. More on the Government Solar Panel Feed In Tariff.

PV Solar Panel Electricity

A solar panel electricity system powers your home appliances by converting sunlight into electricity. The diagram below shows how the sun's rays are captured by Solar photovoltaic panels then converted into electricity by an inverter. The energy is used to power your appliances with any surplus solar electricity being sold back into the national grid.
pv Solar Panel Electricity System

Solar Panel Electricity

Solar Thermal Water Heating Solar water heaters (Solar Thermal) use solar panels to collect heat from sunlight. The free heat collected by the solar panels is used to heat the water in your home, which is stored in a hot water cylinder in the same way as a conventional hot water boiler heating system.
Solar Panel Water Heating

Solar Panel Thermal Water Heating

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